Joining the Team

1.) Sign up for our newsfeed on Team App. First download the free Team App from your app store.  Search for UNH Sailing and once you are signed up an officer will approve you.

This is the app we use to notify team members of ongoing events, scores, schedule and everything else.

2.) Sign up on the Campus Rec website.

3.) Fill out the pink and blue sheets (health history and code of conduct) and turn into Campus Rec.

4.) Take a swim test at the indoor pool, during free swim.  You MUST have taken the swim test BEFORE you come to practice.

5.) Pay your dues at the Campus Rec front desk:

$175 for first year students for the entire year which includes a team pinnie and a T-shirt.

$150 for returning students which includes a t-shirt.

Keep your receipt and show it to the team treasurer so the roster can be updated.

6.) Sign up on

7.) Come to practice and have fun!

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