Joining the Team

1.) This is how the team stays in touch with each other. On your smartphone, download “Team App” and create an account. When it sends
 you a welcome email login then search for  “UNH Sailing” team. Request to join as a Player/Official. Once you are on the team’s menu, click on “Settings” then “Member Details”. Please fill out all including phone number in your “Contact Details” and put your major in the “Occupation” section.                  

If you don’t have a smartphone, please contact a team officer for instructions on how to sign up online and receive email notification.

2.) Sign up on the Campus Rec website.

3.) A swim test is required prior to your first visit to the sailing centre.

To take the swim test you must fill out the waiver for the Outdoor Pool online. Bring a copy of the waiver to the Campus Rec. front desk to receive a pool sticker and swim test card. During lap swim, complete 200 meters and 15 minutes of treading then have a lifeguard sign your swim test card. Give the completed test to Juli Bennett.

4.) Trying it out You must complete the swim test and online registration forms in order to sail during the intro phase the first week. In order to become a member of the team you must also complete the Hazing Workshop, sign the Anti-hazing Pledge and pay yearly dues of $175.

5.) Dues  In order to get to practice and regattas we must rent vans, maintain our boats and facility. Dues are important to keep the team running. Sailing has the lowest dues in the university given what you get for them. Dues are $175 for the entire school year. After paying your dues as a first year sailor you will receive a t-shirt. In the following years, after paying your dues, there will be other various clothing items you will receive. Please pay either online with credit card during the Campus Rec registration or pay with cash/check at the Campus Rec front desk. You will be given several days to try sailing out before dues must be paid.

Keep your receipt and show it to the team treasurer so the roster can be updated.

6.) Racing   Sign up on

7.) Come to practice and have fun!