Summer Registration

Summer Sailing registration opens on February 15th, 2023!

Summer Sailing Registration is on the UNH Youth Programs.

Registration requires that an account be created for each child. Each child’s account will have a unique User Name and Password, but the same email address can be used to manage multiple child accounts. The accounts must be created with the name and birthdate of the child, not the parent. If your child currently has an account, then DO NOT create another account.

Accounts can be created and the Registration questions can be completed at any time. If your child has an account already, you may want to log in and use the ‘Forgot User Name or Forgot Password’ functions if needed. We recommend that accounts be created or logged into and the registration questions are completed BEFORE registration opens. This will make the enrollment process smoother and quicker.

Please be familiar with the UNH summer youth program Payment & RefundProcedures. It is the family responsibility to be aware of all procedures.

We also encourage you to be familiar with other information on the youth programs main website, click on the red link: