Boats sailed in the program

UNH Community Sailing Centre uses several different boats in its various youth sailing programs.  Each boat handles differently, and certain boats accommodate sailors of different sizes, and/or experience levels.  Students get the most out of a program when they are in a class that is commensurate with their age, size, ability and interest.

If you are not familiar with the boats we use or are unsure about what class would be right for your child, we will assist you with an appropriate placement.

Can My Children Participate If They Don’t Have A Boat?
The UNH Community Sailing Center owns Bugs, FJ’s (Flying Juniors), 420’s Lasers, Snipes, Blue Jays, Sunfish and Lightnings. You do not need to own one for him/her to participate.  If your child intends to sail an Opti competitively, he/she could have one available to him/her prior to the start of the program, as we only have one to lend.  Many of the advanced class students own their own Opti’s and Lasers.

Boats Sailed In The Program

Bugs/Opti – Single-handed

The Bug (provided) and Opti (personally owned) is the boat used for sailors in the Youth Program from rank beginners to racers, who weigh less than 120 lbs.  The Bug is easily rigged. In the beginner class (Seaman) two sailors per boat. In the Intermediate and Advanced classes sailors sail it singlehanded.

FJ – Double-handed

Flying Juniors are fast, fun sloop rigged double-handed (two sailors!) boats that are very popular in youth and collegiate (the most popular double-handed collegiate racing boat) programs.

C420 – Double-handed

Club 420s are fast, fun sloop rigged double-handed (two sailors!) boats that are very popular in youth programs around the country. Club 420s are rigged with spinnakers and trapezes for use by our advanced sailors and for MSST (racing team) members.

Laser – Single-handed

We use both the Radial (smaller lighter sailors) and Standard (160 lbs. and up). The Lasers are used by the older MSST members.  It is also the boat of choice for students focused on developing racing skills.

BlueJay – Double-handed

The Bluejay is a hard chined sloop rigged boat which allows for more comfortable seating.  It has a spinnaker rig as well.  This boat will be used by the Advanced Junior classes, the Guppy class for their once a week sail and the adult program.

Lightning – Triple handed

The Lightning is a fast, fun stable boat which can be sailed by a family or raced competitively. It has a spinnaker rig as well. This boat will be used by both the Junior Racing Team as well as adults.

Sunfish, Snipes, and other boats at the programs disposal are used for both classes and in the rental fleet on Saturdays.