FAQ about UNH Sailing

Interested in sailing for UNH? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • How competitive is your team? Is it a varsity sport? The UNH Sailing Team is a club sport sport yet we compete in the most competitive conference in college sailing, alongside other club and varsity teams.   Sailing at UNH provides opportunities for team members to increase their leadership skills alongside their sailing skills. There is a healthy desire to improve both individually and as a team.
  • Can people with little or no sailing experience join the team? Absolutely! Prior experience although not necessary allows our team to continue to develop depth.  We welcome individuals with prior sailing experience, and encourage people that have never sailed before to join our team.  Some of our best sailors have been individuals that have never sailed before college but grow to become both leaders on and off the water.  New sailors often start out as crews while also learning how to skipper. As you become more experienced, through hard work you open up your choices as a crew or skipper.
  • How often do you practice? The team practices Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:45-6:30 or dusk and Wed and Friday from 3:15 – 6:30 or dusk.
  • How often will I sail on weekends? The team competes in two to four events on the weekends, both fall and spring, providing opportunities for everyone who wants to to compete for UNH.  Opportunities include both one day and two day regattas.  Our top sailors travel  throughout New England  to compete in regattas.
  • What kind of boats do you sail? Is there an offshore/keelboat team? The team sails Zim Sailing FJ’s sporting Fat Head or square topped sails, built during the summer of 2010. We also own a variety of other dinghies including a 420 and many other boats for our extensive summer community sailing program.
  • Do you compete in women’s events? UNH often has a women’s sailing team that travels to both co-ed and womens regattas, and we are always looking to increase the depth of that team.
  • How hard is it to get into UNH? Will sailing help, and are there sailing scholarships? Admissions into UNH is very competitive.  The number of applicants increase dramatically every year.  Generally admissions is looking for candidates that have a strong high school transcript and strong SAT scores. Sailors can get a little bit of help with admissions but not much.  Sailors are admitted through their own academic merit.  College sailing does not offer scholarships, neither on the club nor varsity level.
  • Where do you sail? How close are you to other NEISA venues? UNH sails at Mendums Pond which is about 12 minutes from campus.  Transportation is provided. The ‘Pond” as its is fondly known, is one of the most beautiful sites around, especially in the fall with the changes fall colours tress and virtually no visible houses. UNH is one hour  away from Boston where many NEISA events take place.  We are lucky as our location affords us little travel time to other venues in comparison to other schools.
  • How early does the spring season start? Our season often starts before we have a chance to practice as we need to wait until ice is out.  When possible we take the opportunity to travel to other sites mid-week.
  • How hard is it to balance sailing with academics? UNH sailors learn to budget their time wisely, discovering that they are able to balance their academics, sailing, and social life.
  • How do I contact the coach? You can reach coach Diana Weidenbacker at 603.868.5189 or by emailing dianaw46@comcast.net