October 15, 2018

Parent Alumni Regatta this Sat. 1020 – report time is 10:30am $30 per person Dinner and T-Shirt included. Already registered? Please go into the Google doc and update how many guests you are bringing/are included so we can get an accurate count for seating as well as food.
If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late.


October 9, 2018

’18 Parent Alumni Regatta Reservation for Saturday 10/20. 10:30am is the report time.  Please click on the link below for registration.  It includes requests for T-shirt sizes.  Need a skipper or crew?  Just ask.  We’d love to see as many alumni as possible.  Are you a friend of UNH Sailing?  We welcome you as well.

August 30, 2018

Tomorrow, Saturday, meet at Congreve’s circle at 12 noon to go to Mendums to sail.  Make sure you have taken your swim test (outdoor pool for now) and completed your Campus Recreation registration.

To register:

Go to  In the upper right corner click Log In, using your UNH credentials. Click the Programs icon on the lower left hand side of the screen. On the left hand side under classification, scroll and select Sport Club. Click on Sailing. Click the blue register button. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the registration. When finished click, Add to Cart, then Check Out. Upon completion, be sure to save the confirmation email for your records as it contains the waiver and code of conduct. Payment does not have to be made until you try it out.

August 16, 2018

The UNH Sailing Team is moving forward and is very excited to unveil both our revised constitution as well as a newly developed handbook.  Do check them out under About UNH Sailing Our introductory meeting is Wednesday August 29th at 6pm in the upstairs classroom at campus rec.  We are very excited for our new year to start and to continue to develop depth to our team.  Our new officers look forward to meeting many new members.  It’s going to be a great year!

March 9, 2018

Dear Sailing Club Alumni, Friends and Family,

The UNH Sailing Club has been found responsible for violations of the University’s Rights, Rules and Responsibilities. While the club’s student leaders were very cooperative throughout the investigation, the violations were serious enough to warrant restrictions on how the club can move forward. No member of the club who joined prior to fall 2017 will be permitted to participate at all during their collegiate career and the club will have a one-year moratorium on competing. The UNH Campus Recreation Professional Staff will work with the new students to rebuild the club.  If you have specific questions about the program please contact the student leaders at

The UNH Community Summer Youth Sailing Program will not be effected by this and will operate at full capacity this summer.  Online registration for Summer Youth Sailing now open and available here.


July 1, 2017

The lake is full!  Docks have been moved back to the shore and the summer program has have a successful first week.

February  27, 2017

The lake should be completely up by the summer.  Thanks to all the hard work done by the NH Dept. of Environmental Services who have worked tirelessly through the late fall and winter.  The lake is already up about 10 feet with 10 more to go. They have closed the gate and removed the cofferdam.  The lake level is rising and is currently approximately 3-4 feet below our normal winter drawdown level.  You can monitor the refilling of the lake using their real-time lake level gage.  Given all the rain we are well on our way.  If you want to check out the water level click on the link below :

January 10, 2016

As everyone knows Mendums had to be lowered about 20 feet because the dam was failing and would have flooded 40 homes, Rte. 4 and caused incalculable damage and potential loss of lives had it not been repaired as soon as possible. (please feel free to visit The dam repairs are currently underway hopefully to be completed next fall. The sailing team moved all of our docks into deeper water in early September and we accessed them via rowboats for practice this past fall.

The UNH Community Sailing Program was able to put forward $14,000 and the UNH Sailing Team wrote a grant (which was approved) to foot the rest of the money about $3,000 to pay for the permits, purchase the materials and have the work done. Materials – washed crushed stone, was delivered to Mendums about a month ago in anticipation of the approval.

UNH Campus Rec. worked diligently with Tighe & Bond an engineering firm to put into place all the permits necessary to meet NH DES requirements to build a temporary stone path from the boathouse to waters edge. We have waited all fall with baited breath for the permits to get to the Army Corps of Engineers and be approved and just last week we received word that all permits were approved and the path could be built. UNH moved with lighting speed and I’m excited to announce that the path has been laid! It’s about 12 inches deep and 8 feet wide. Wide enough to dolly boats up and down and to drive our tractor and a small trailer to deliver boats etc. to waters edge.

What still will need to be done? We will now need to rotate the docks to line up with the new path and determine how many additional docks we will need to build in order to provide a stable transition from the shoreline to the floating docks. The new docks will be repurposed when the water level rises again and we are able to re-anchor our docks where they normally live.

The UNH Sailing Team will continue to practice at Mendums (our area is a bit limited right now but usable). Both MSST and the UNH Community Sailing Centre will also be able to continue to provide our normal programming.

As the UNH Sailing Team Coach and Director of the Community Sailing Centre I want to profusely thank UNH Campus Rec, for their continuing support and efforts to see this project through.


August 20, 2015

We are poised to have a fantastic fall season with lots of regattas for everyone. 5 recruits will help expand the team adding depth to an already great team and help us meet one of our goals of making conference championships this fall. Pre-season starts next Monday. We could as always use some additional coaching help on weekends so if you are available and interested please let me know.

The dam on Mendums, considered a high hazard dam is failing. If not repaired immediately it could mean the flooding of 40 homes and Rte. 4. The DES has moved this repair project to the top of their list. In order to repair this 175 yr. old earthen dam it means that Mendums will be drawn down by 20 feet beginning on Sept. 9. They will be working throughout the winter weather permitting on this project.

As you can imagine we have been working hard to implement a plan that allows the team to continue to practice and use Mendums as well as the summer Community Sailing Program. Both NHDES, Campus Rec. and the UNH Community Sailing community have been and continue to be very supportive and involved. A community sailing parent and faculty member provided a detailed bathymetry map of our cove which helped finalized the location decision to create a 400 foot walkway from our shore to our docks which in early Sept. we will move to the new, but temporary, location, just outside the cove. Practice will be as usual.

In the meantime, DES has updated their website: with the PowerPoint some officers and I saw at a town meeting a few weeks ago and video.  Please review that material so you understand the scope of this project.

August 15, 2015

We had an unbelievably fantastic summer!  The Community Sailing Centre served about 300 kids and adults in classes ranging form the Guppies to racing teams to kayakers, learn to sail, advanced sailing, adults and more.

• The community rallied around the decayed utility shed and as the final flickering light of day plus a cars headlights a new utility shed was built and the next day painted.

• Dr. Tom Lippmann brought out his multi arrayed jet-ski in order to do a current bathymetry mapping of our cove and just beyond looking for the best path with the least rocks for our new walkway to our docks which we will be moving in early Sept.

• Hope you’re on our Community mailing list so you can keep up with plans as well as next years registration.

March 29, 2015

The winter has been challenging for all of us. This past weekend Diana drove on an adjacent road to Mendmus to check out the conditions. She then drove to our spring training site at Adams Point and Little Bay. Suffice it to say Mendums is frozen solid. As for Adams Point the ice flows in the cove by the ramp are breaking up and should be cleared out by the end of the week. The ramp still has icy snow blocking it form the bay and the ramp area where we can put our boats and dollies is till not melted enough to have the necessary space for storage.  The team will check again by the end of the week and fingers crossed we will be able to move over in order to practice.

With many regattas canceled or moved to other venues we too are moving the April 11-12 NE Dinghy Tournament (which we are hosting again this spring) to BU who has graciously volunteered to lend us their facility and boats.

March 55, 2015

Regatta calendar is up on the webpage, edited for iced out events.

Feb. 2015

Our new webmaster has given our website a much needed facelift.  More work still to come but it looks really great.

Fall 2014

We now have our own Team App.  Pretty cool as it gives us immediate connections to all of our social media accounts, schedule, scores and notices.