MSST racing

MSST, (Mendums Seacoast Sailing Team) is both a spring and summer sailing team.

The spring team is open for students from grades 7-12. Practices begin after the UNH Sailing Team season is finished in early May.  We practice during the week from 3:30 (or as soon as you can get there) till 6ish.  All are welcome regardless of sailing experience or skill level. The team practices 4 days a week and travels to regattas on the weekends.  The season ends in early June.  Although the season is short, shorter than most high school teams it is jammed packed with opportunities. MSST also provides a community service to the Family Boatbuilding Program by teaching new boat owners to sail when they launch their boats for their first time at Mendums. If interested please sign up for our private email, Team App through your app store (phone etc.) it’s free. Once you have signed up and received confirmation, log in and then look for UNH Sailing Team and ask to be added to the MSST list. Pass that along as well. All are welcome and we often have team members from NH, Me., and Ma.

The summer team starts the first week of the summer session. This program is designed for experienced sailors interested in developing and refining racing skills.  The focus is on mastering starting techniques, controlling boat speed, boat handling, upwind and downwind tactics in various boats. This class is open to sailors who have successfully mastered previous levels of skills and have demonstrated advanced sailing skills in any condition.  Travel to weekly MIRC’s, clinics is part of this class. Advanced MSST sailors will travel to Junior Olympics, Marblehead Jr. Race Week, and several other regattas throughout the summer. Boats used will be singlehanded, double-handed and triple-handed. (i.e. Lasers, Bytes, FJ, 420, Lightning, Snipe etc.) Sailors are expected to be rigged by 12:45.

Sessions are one week in length. We practice M-F, from 12:30-3:30.  Wednesday we travel to regattas and Friday practice lasts until 5pm. The team specializes in sailing Lasers as we believe you learn a great deal about not just sailing but yourself.  We also sail FJ’s, 420″s, Bytes, Snipes, Lightnings, J/22’s and more. We have an extensive regatta schedule. Sailors are encouraged to judge for themselves which ones they want to attend.  If you are interested in the current racing schedule, please contact the coach. The two major ones, Junior Olympics and Marblehead Junior Race week are coach recommended as it’s important that the sailor have the requisite skill set. You do not need your own boat but it’s helpful.

Practice improves your scores as well as your fun factor. Think about that before you sign up for a major regatta. You should be in the program for at least 1-2 weeks beforehand or be willing to be disappointed in your results.

Many MSST members are also Junior Instructors during the summer, learning both how to instruct as well as repair boats, maintain the extensive fleet and many other tasks, developing well rounded individuals.  They are exemplars for what we look for in instructors.

MSST (Junior Racing Team) (ages 12-18) 12:30-3:30 with full day on Wednesday and extended hours on additional days. Pre-requisite: Completion of skills in Skippers class or its equivalent.

For more information doesn’t hesitate to contact the coach Diana Weidenbacker at or 207.752.1462.