Racing Schedule Updated Soon

MSST Racing and MSST Opti

Learning to race means learning the racing rules of sailing, tactics and reinforcing these skills through practice!  Winning is not as important as good sportsmanship and mastery of the skills.  Even with the racing teams, fun and safety are still paramount while the sailor strives to expand his or her racing abilities. There are two tiers to each team.  Tier 1 is an entry level to racing, typically traveling to MIRCS and home events.  Tier 2 is for more advanced racers who also travel to events such as Junior Olympics, Downeast 420 Champs, Opti New Englands, Maine State Optis and Marblehead Junior Race Week.  Other events may also be added.

Practice improves your scores as well as your fun factor. Think about that before you sign up for a major regatta. You should be in the program for at least 1-2 weeks beforehand or be willing to be disappointed in your results.

MSST Opti (most have their own boat) is a traveling racing team for sailors ages 8 – 12-14 (depending on size and skill level).

MSST Racing is open to sailors racing Lasers, FJ’s, 420’s and Lightnings, including spinnaker and trapeze work. Emphasis is on sailing in any condition, and sailing singlehanded as well as doublanded.   Developing both fleet and team racing skills in order to feel confident on any race course will be our focus.

MSST Racing and MSST Opti  sailors will have the opportunity to participate in weekly Maine Interclub Racing Circuit races. In addition to MIRCS travel by the MSST Racing Team to other regattas including Marblehead Jr. Race Week, Junior Olympics and other events will be part of the program and are skill dependent.   Open to sailors who have successfully mastered previous levels of skills and have demonstrated advanced sailing skills in any condition.  Sailors with their own Optis, Lasers, and 420’s  are welcome. The team boats used are predominantly Lasers. Parent assistance for events is necessary. This includes transportation, towing, assisting with housing etc.

Regatta Schedule for 2017 TBD

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