Open Saturdays/Boat Rentals/Adult lessons

Adult Lessons Updated

Adult lessons, a three hour course, are on Saturdays. Lessons are divided into Shore School and On the Water Instruction, with the emphasis of hands-on and on the water. 

Shore School and On the Water Instruction includes basic sailing instruction, covering general boating safety, tacking and jibing, leaving and returning to the dock.

All adult sessions are $75 for three hours of instruction. The option exists for additional time $25 per hour. When you have completed the course you will be eligible to rent sailboats on Saturdays. There is a damage deposit, fee and rental agreement for all rentals.

Registration link will be posted soon.

Boat rentals:

• Students who have completed at least one week of classes will be able to rent the boats they learned in.

• Renters who have not attended classes will be asked to demonstrate competency in order to take out boats. You also must be able to swim and sign a statement as such. A deposit for adults who are renting is required. There is a checklist that will allow you to acquire different ratings in order to use the different boats we own, from a Bug, Opti, FJ, 420, Laser, Snipe, IC, Blue Jay, Catamarans, to Lightnings. Availability of boats depends on adult lessons, or scheduled use.