Registration and Costs

Attending informational meetings is important.  A swim test is required, and sailors will take the test at the UNH Indoor Pool.  It consists of a 6 lap swim and 15 minutes of treading water. Also required is viewing the Hypothermia Survival video also shown at UNH in late fall.  All paperwork and releases will be available at the Informational meeting.

Gear – Drysuits or full body wetsuits are required until the water temperatures are warm enough to safely capsize a boat. Many late fall and early spring regattas require a drysuit.  The team has team purchasing options available to team members.

Cost – the 2016-2017 season (Sept. through May) cost per sailor is $150 which includes a T-Shirt.  In addition all sailors  will purchase (one time purchase) their own team pinnie, $25.