Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons

Adult lessons, a six hour course, are on Saturdays. Lessons are divided into Shore School and On the Water Instruction. 

Shore School takes place in the morning from 11-12. Session I is a Shore School which covers rigging, wind awareness, points of sail, self rescue. In the afternoon the on the water portion of the lesson takes place.

On the Water Instruction includes basic sailing instruction, covering general boating safety, tacking and jibing, leaving and returning to the dock.

Adults have busy lives and therefore can choose to divide their six hours across all open Saturdays. Shore School and On the Water Instruction can be completed over a period of available Saturdays.  For example do Shore School one Saturday and finish the On the Water Instruction another Saturday. Boats used will range from Sunfish, Bluejay, FJ’s and Lightnings (when they are available). Adults can also learn on one of our Lasers, a singlehanded high performance dinghy.

All adult sessions are $150 for six hours of instruction. When you have completed the course you will be eligible to rent sailboats on Saturdays. There is a damage deposit, fee and rental agreement for all rentals.

Open Saturdays to be announced.

Shore School 11:00 – 12:00

On the Water Instruction 12:30 – 5:00pm

Please click the link below to go to the online registration page.  If the link has an issue copy and paste it into your browser window to be redirected to the online registration page.  See you this summer.

This summer you will create your own account.  It may look confusing but it really is helpful and you can go back in to check on things, add weeks and so forth.

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